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What You Need To Know About Faceit Boosters

What Is CS: GO?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS:GO, as its recurrent players know it, is one of the top video games in the world right now. In the game, you control a player, and you play along with either random people on the internet or your friends with another team that you have to defeat, with or without a faceit booster.

When you are playing with friends, CS: GO is considered a game worth playing because you can yell at each other freely over Discord, saying who is behind who or giving reckless advice to another one of your friends who is yet to die.

When the game was created, many people came over from other games – especially in India when PUBG was banned – and subsequently, the number of hackers and cheaters in the game also increased.  You would think that the game’s anti-cheat system would prevent this thing from happening, but players started reporting occurrences of cheating taking place every single game, and they had to switch servers or take up a faceit booster.

More About Faceit

Now, when they switch servers to faceit, they found great service and a grade ranking and anti-cheat system, with the only downside being that individuals had to pay money to play in the faceit server. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can look into other servers such as Esea, which is rising in popularity every passing second.  If you are against the idea, though, no one will blame you for wanting to play with faceit. Not only does it come with other great features that you can explore on the guides that have been posted online, but the biggest advantage remains with the server being able to offer you protection from hackers and any form of cheaters. Go get your faceit booster now!

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