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Conquering Cs Go Faceit Tournament Like A Boss

When One hears the topic of e-gaming, one or two things come into mind. Either what is that thing? Followed by a taunting suggestion that why are you wasting your time like that? But these people can not understand that in today’s day and age, e gaming has become a career option, with some gamers earning more than highly trained doctors and even outnumber engineers in terms of money made. Some of them even manage to get the celebrity status that many people desire to get. The presence of e-gaming was not like that before. As the tech developed and technology was made easily accessible to many people, gaming cultivated as a sport in society. Nowadays, there are many tournaments and gaming competitions that give prizes worth millions of dollars, and any professional e gamer can make a career out of it.

Cs go and its dominance:

One of the biggest online games that are played among the best esports players globally is the game of counter strike GO, commonly known as cs-go. Cs-go is not just a game. It is a community of millions of people. It is their emotion, their pride, their happiness, their joy. Many players play this game for 20 to 24 hours a day, neglecting their sleep and health just to get better in this game and mainly because it is so much fun to play. faceit is a competition in which people play cs and compete to boost their ranks.

Faceit boosting:

The csgo faceit boosting is one way a person can boost their ranking in cs go faceit if they cannot do it by themselves. People can pay a small amount of money to various sites that indulge in this activity and create a name for themselves.

In a nutshell:

So, in conclusion, gaming is good but playing CSGO is the best.


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